Design & Planning Professionals

Gossman Group is a collaboration of design and planning professionals anchored by Principal/Owner Craig Gossman who drives a design vision that focuses on urban environments in communities both large and small. There is no joy in doing a plan that sits on a shelf. There is only joy in seeing a plan implemented and a community living its best life. Craig’s team knows this joy and through heightened public engagement and research we identify the community values and needs of the places we serve and chart a course of action with the most appropriate tools to see those plans come alive.

Craig Gossman, AIA; NCARB

Craig is a modern Renaissance man – a singer-songwriter as well as an architect. Craig’s work is a blend of originality and pragmatism which means the inspiring designs you see up front as concepts become a working reality. Craig’s rushes of creativity are in large part fueled by his music and by his passion for travel and adventure. This creativity is balanced by a shrewd grounding in economics and market forces both of which influence the places and buildings he creates. Before launching Gossman Group in 2013, Craig served as Principal Partner with Kinzelman Kline and Gossman (KKG) and later in the same capacity with MKSK.

Registered Professional Architect – OH, PA, KY
NCARB Certified
American Planning Association/Ohio Chapter
The National Trust for Historic Preservation
Board Member, Heritage Ohio

Liz Via-Gossman, FAICP

Liz loves cities and while she believes in the planning mantra of “make no little plans,” she takes greater delight in breaking those plans into the smaller steps that are needed for project implementation. She gains no satisfaction on producing a pretty plan that sits on a shelf and prefers to engage local leaders to produce lively and vibrant community plans that can be realized to the benefit of the people they serve. Liz served 30 years as a local government planner and city administrator. She is a trusted, effective leader and does not shy away from advocating for that which she feels is right.

Fellow of the American Institute of Certified Planners (FAICP)
American Planning Association (APA)
The National Trust For Historic Preservation
Site Visitor, Planning Accreditation Board
Certified Strategic Doing™ Workshop Leader